Photography workshops for enthusiats


At Banga Studios, we believe that any passionate photographer can tell a story, but telling a story that engages and moves the audience requires innovative techniques and honing your camera skills. Over the years, our team of creative artists have experimented with technicality and creativity to discover what we as a brand truly stand for, and that is Visual Storytelling. Our storytelling objective is to take the client's life and narrate it in an emotional journey from the opening of our studio doors to the final page of the album. If you are looking for an environment that will offer you direction on powerful visual language, expression, and the use of raw materials for composition and connectivity storytelling, then the Compass Workshop is your calling!



To Gurminder Banga, family is everything. Taking over the family business, he takes all the photography and life lessons he learned along the way and leadthe way for the new era of Banga Studios. A photographer and a storyteller, this artist has a way of building a relationship with everyone he encounters, letting him capture an essence and an element they didn’t even know existed within themselves. Barstarzz all-star and the chillest vegan we know, GB is a believer in growth and stepping outside of your comfort zone, He knows how to push it to the limit and knows that when you reach for the moon, at least you’ll land among the stars.


Compass is a workshop for photography enthusiasts who are looking for guidance, tips and some Bangin’ tricks, to help your business or personal brand stand out in a saturated industry. Our workshop is a thorough educational hub of in-depth, and hands-on photography instruction where our team of leading artists are ready to tell all - from our storytelling vision and photography principle, to personal experiences and key takeaways for your world of timeless moments, we guarantee that you will leave this experience enriched and enlightened to take on the world in a totally new view.


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