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Easily Learn Every Lightroom & Photoshop Shortcut with ShortcutMapper

I am a massive fan of short cuts, they save so much time when your editing BUT they are pretty damn difficult to learn and I've noticed when showing people techniques they start to get lost when I use shortcut commands. Now I know a few but outside of them I have no idea and use old fashion way of menus and buttons, so found this very useful.

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Every functionwith short cut usually shows what that short cut is in the menu but buttons don't and any I have learned haven't been from seeing them in menu it's from watching other creatives.Shortcut Mapper is an alternative to keyboard overlays, itwill show you a keyboard on your screen and what the short cut commands are on each on, also if you hold down CTRL or SHIFT if will show the alternatives for each key. Straight away I've noticed a couple of functions I don't normally use just because it would take more time to select, we are talking a few seconds at time but if you're doing it every single day, it adds up to a lot of time.

So have a look, see what each key does. Find the functions that you use in your workflow and learn a couple, you will notice straight away how much quicker it is to press CTRL+O to open a file rather than go up to menu with mouse.

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