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What Have I Been Doing So Far In 2014

It's been crazy start to the year!! After got Christmas out the way I had big plans for Flixiety, I had already been wheels in motion for it to be completely separated from me and my personal work and be it's own little business. This has confused some people I think but we are getting thereAlso done a major re-branding of Flixiety and moving forward in a direction that is much more suited to market concentrating on family, children and commercial work for business' I have spent A LOT of hours doing everything for this on my own but got new website and all new promo/stationary material etc Also got a ton of new stuff in the studio for new born sessions!! Still more to get but getting there. Done a bit of painting in studio as well so looking much freshers with fresh white ceiling!

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I started my personal fine art project which has been ALLOT of fun! I'm learning so much new techniques which can use for other stuff as well. Everyday is a school day! I've had some great shoots in the studio as well with some fantastic models! Also went down to Glasgow to work with Rachel Shepherd again and models from Superior Model Management who was fantastic!! Those shots are taking a little time to get edited and won't be able to share them for a while! I also got confirmed for another publication, this time in San Francisco based magazine Dark Beauty!! Super chuffed with that!

Coming up next we have mothers day so will be doing some family style shoots over next few weeks for studio as well as two more fine art projects coming up!! Also need to get plans in motion for the exhibition of them! 2014 is shaping up to be a great year and finally things seem to be all falling into place! Looking forward to the future!

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