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Much better than school photos!

So after talking to Heather I learned that she has an adorably cute little 4 year old named Lily, yet Mom has never really liked any of her school photos I also learned that Heather feels that when it comes to photos of herself she instinctively clams up at the sight of a camera and as a result she has never been very happy with photos of herself

Oh the calamity of both of these predicaments, my heart sank and then rose right back up! Completely unacceptable! I donned my Miss Fix It cap and immediately devised a plan on how to overcome both of these issues. And overcome we did! With a sweet Mommy & Me Session for the two of them.

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While I hung out with Lily setting up and watching a little of her Barbie movie in the studio, Mom got pampered in the dressing room with the amazing Miss Jacqueline Malocu at the helm doing her hair & make up.

Heather looked STUNNING! And she must have felt it too because while she normally smiles with her lips closedI was treated to some gorgeous smiles with teeth! And although Mom pointed out that her & her Daughter have very little in common as far as appearance, they both do share their smile!Mom has this extremely cute and alluring gap in between her front teeth and was delighted to find that Lily inherited that too! How cute!!!

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