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Photography moved progressively from a passion to a profession. As I did not found a job when I finished my studies in sports marketing, I had the opportunity to work for a photographic studio. The last 3 years I became involved in this direction. I switch between daily works and more personal projects; one feeds the other. Thats why I need to find free time and revenues to put into practice ideas and wishes. And it is not that easy!

2. Why is photography important to you?

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As I said before it is important because it has been a personal choice. As a self-taught, without specific training and technical skills (except my own experience and my curiosity) presenting myself at first as a photographer has been special. I assumed being an amateur. I believe that passion and curiosity leads to great things!

3. What do you think is the most important on a shoot?

To capture something special. Not exceptional but simply original. There are many little basic things that appears to be special, as long as you are able to see them and watch them carefully.

4. What inspires you at the time to take a photograph?

I don't think about fitting in a precise field, for example a fashion photographer or a photo-reporter. I like the idea of being a free agent. I try to follow my feelings. Most of the time I let myself be guided by a global atmosphere, a place, a moment Photography remains aesthetical, which is totally subjective. So I follow my own aesthetic criteria and when someone appreciate one of my pictures it always feels like a small victory and creates complicity. And beyond the notion of beauty, if a picture can express any kind of emotion, it is even better. Like a song.

5. What kind of camera or equipment do you enjoy the most using?

I really appreciated the 11-16mm before it has been stolen in Mexico. The Spreepark series and few landscapes of Lost in Britanny has been shot with this optic. Lately I often use a 35 mm. It is perfect for landscape and street views without being too much wide-angle. And even if it is not theoretically the best optic for portraits, it forces to be closed to the subject you shoot. It is more authentic, it brings out the best. The photographs relational approach and the ease of the shot are the most important things. And they are tricky to handle. 95% of the subjects shot turns to a hedgehog in front of full on headlights. Do you see what a hedgehog in front of cars lights at night looks like?! It crinkles! And I am far from being able to distress everyone. Over time, I am improving little by little.

PS: and my tripod is my best friend!

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