Siva & Payal

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As creative visionaries we are so lucky to be able to witness and capture true love time and time again. What we saw between Siva and Payal was absolute respect and a total team… the kind of love that could make you fall in love with love! They have this enduring affection for each other and they know how to just be in the presence of each other’s love and goofiness.



With a venue and decor as bright and warm as the couple themselves, it was the perfect place for friends and family to come together to watch Siva and Payal become husband and wife. A very sentimental couple, the moment when Payal moved on from her family to her husband was incredibly emotional, the kind that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.


One of our favourite moments from the wedding was during the Sangeet ceremony, a traditional Punjabi function that takes place a few days prior to the actual ceremony where guests spend the night singing, dancing – a celebration of true love, for two soulmates who couldn’t wait to begin their marriage. Payal was feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that she would be the centre of attention. So who better to calm her down than her best friend? We asked her to put her head on Siva’s chest. What did she hear? His heartbeat. What did it sound like? “It’s calm and soothing,” she said. It became her safe space to come back to whenever she needed to get away from all the noise. And that ladies and gentlemen is why we love what we do – helping to create magical moments like these and, of course, have our cameras nearby to document them.


Siva and Payal — you guys were truly amazing and such a pleasure to work with. Gurminder and Steve enjoyed every single moment hanging out with you, and we are so excited about the life you will build together. You are soul mates through and through. Congratulations!

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