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Ambrish & Ami

Category: Weddings

“Love is like music: First you must play by the rules and then you must break the rules and play from the heart.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We love the way that music and love can take you to new places and when you find that perfect, person to play that duet, there’s nothing better! That’s why we sent GB and Reet down to, Nashville, one of the music capitals of the world to capture Ambrish & Ami’s beautiful wedding in the stunning Marathon Music Works for a night that will play in our heads like a beautiful tune.

Every wedding photographer knows that there is an indescribable chemistry between two best friends in love. And from the moment we met Ambrish & Ami, we knew that these two had something so incredibly special. They’re both so funny and goofy, they’re very outgoing, and some of the most laid back people we have ever met! But even more importantly, they’re both very adventurous! They told us, “We love to try new and different things and we travel a lot. Mostly to see each other, wherever that may be. I think it’s an escape for both of us but also a chance to make memories.”

And what better way to show your best friend how important they are to you than with a gift?! Ami had bought beautiful cigars with a gorgeous case for her new husband. The best part? It had such heartwarming love notes for him, as well. How cute is that?!

But what makes the best teams is when you guys can really make a statement! We loved that during the baraat, everyone in the neighbourhood came to see the party for themselves! Because the wedding took place in a neighbourhood with not as strong of a South Asian presence, so many people were interested in the festivities, complete with fireworks, smoke bombs, and an epic car!

Of course, the night was filled with music, dancing, and an abundance of good vibes! Everyone there was as vibrant and warm and inviting as the happy couple, themselves. Being in wedding photography, we have seen so many beautiful weddings and lots of wonderful guests, but we could not believe how incredible every single one of their guests was to adding to the overall night. There were so many beautiful moments that were shared and so many stories to be told.

Ambrish & Ami, you two are the song that we never knew we needed in the soundtrack of our lives. From GB, Reet, and the rest of the Banga Studios team, we wish you many more dances, many more songs, and many many more memories.

Where to next? You’ll have to follow us to find out…

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