1. Don't Be Afraid of the Sun!
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Many people can often get frustrated with the sun getting in the way of their photo, but you have to learn to embrace the very thing that our world revolves around. Use the sun as your side or main light - if the sun is behind, create a silhouette or if it's to the side, angle yourself to allow the sun to illuminate your subject. The sun is the most powerful force in this world - use it as your most powerful tool!
2. Be Aware!
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When you take a photograph, you create a frame of what the audience will see. Anything within the frame is fair game. Take a look and see what is in your surroundings - does it add or take away from what it is that you are trying to focus on? Don't be afraid to take things into your own hands and make whatever alterations you deem necessary to get that shot!
3. Add Layers!
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On the other hand, if something can create a new dimension to the photo, go for something deeper! Focusing on something other than the subject will create a story and an atmosphere. Maybe it's an onlooker, or something that gives a sense of time and location, like a landmark. Sometimes the uncontrollables can give the photo something you never even thought of!
4.Change it Up!
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Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing when it comes to photography. Even if a certain angle looks amazing, taking the same shot over and over can become repetitive and boring. Try switching it up and take risks. The possibilities are endless and you never know what you can get!
5. We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends!
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Lots of people consider editing to be cheating, but even the best in the biz know that sometimes you need that little extra push to take your photo to the next level. And like photography, editing is a skill that you can hone in on and really master. As you become more comfortable with both and realize the relationship between the two, you'll start to have a new respect for photography AND editing!
6. Believe in the Shot and Believe in Yourself!
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Don't be afraid of what other people may think if you go for the shot. Get to that high angle, get in closer, get where you need to be to make a moment into a beautiful memory. As the Great One (this is Wayne's nickname, it sounds more powerful using this vs. his actual name) said, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.”

How to Take Your Own Great Photos

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Whether you’re looking to get into photography or just want a beautiful photo on your phone, there’s no denying that we live in a photograph-driven era, where photos show not only where we have been, but who we are as individuals. Being professional photographers, we often get asked “What advice do you have for an amateur like me?” We’ve put together a list of the tips and tricks to take your photos from great to even greater!

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