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Kartik & Faina

United States
Category: Cultured

With all of our experience and expertise, we know when there’s something real in the air – and that’s exactly what we saw at Kartik and Faina’s wedding!

Digging their vibe since day one with them, it was so easy for the team to capture the love and electric chemistry between them, helping make their jobs an absolute dream.

From the elephant shoot to Faina’s morning shoot, the day was filled with many extraordinary moments that make everyone here smile everytime we look back at this event – even the little moments left an impression on us, such as joking about Kartik’s day-long, liquor-ridden breath.

The entire wedding was so full of laughter and celebration, with family and friends that were party animals just as vibrant and rowdy (in a good way) as the happy couple. The night was so uniquely Kartik and Faina – and we loved every single second of it.

To have been able to write this chapter in their love story was an absolute blessing. From the engagement shoot to the walk down the aisle, every step of the journey has been nothing short of amazing, and we eagerly look forward to what comes next in Kartik and Faina’s life. From Banga Studios, we wish you congratulations and a life of endless love.

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