Love’s Canvas

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There’s a beautiful thing about tradition: it’s ever-changing. Keeping traditions alive in your own way is how we see them grow and evolve for generations to come. Being in the wedding industry, we have seen so many amazing customs that are a memory of the past t and a promise of the future, but most importantly, they are an expression of who the couple is right here, right now.

We wanted to share exactly that. “Love’s Canvas” tells the story of a couple getting their wedding bands tattooed on, instead of exchanging actual rings. While a ring symbolizes an eternal love that will last forever, what says promise, commitment, and devotion like a tattoo? This modern interpretation on a custom that has existed for millennia has a personal touch that takes “I do’s” to the next level in its own way.

From the moment we started piecing this daring project together, the response from the vendors and the audience was amazing! People kept telling us, “People have always asked me about my tattoos and what I’ll do on my wedding day?! Who says I can’t show them?”

The amazing thing is that when we were searching for inspirational images online for the shoot, we couldn’t quite find anything along the lines of what we were trying to capture. We knew right then and there that this was a story we had to tell! One of our fabulous photographers, Jenn, told us, “When I first heard the concept of the Inked Editorial shoot I was instantly excited. I love exploring and learning about different people’s religions and traditions. This was the first time I had seen the idea of getting tattoos instead of physical rings brought to life.”

Being wedding photographers, we know the importance of feeling your most beautiful self on your wedding day and in today’s world, that takes so many forms and so many ways of expression. We know that when you show your truest self, you’ll always be your most beautiful self. And when you find that special someone who takes that truth and that beauty to the next level, there’s nothing that can stop you.

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