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  • Our story began when Satpal took his first steps following his dream leaving the tool and die industry for the photo business. Photography was his true passion and from one dream to another Satpal’s brave vision has lead Banga Studios to where it is today.
  • Satpal was an early adopter of technology, as he understood right from the start that technology was going to shape this industry. Without any knowledge computers and his wife’s love and blessings, he invested $6500 in a Toshiba Laptop.
  • Satpal attends seminars to further his knowledge with professional photography groups (PPO, PPOC, PPA) & became an influential member of the photography community. Can you spot him?
  • Gurminder, Deljeet (Satpal’s sons) and their father spent countless hours in the studio together and through they observed what it means to run a business. Having a unique perspective was a key observation they made as they played with the cameras, all the while enjoying treats from the local convenience store.
  • Satpal's unique vision and passion for photography created a demand in the market for his services and due to this he moved the studio from Mississauga to Toronto and began operating as a portrait, wedding and commercial boutique.
  • The digital era had begun and many professionals were terrified to use the new devices that were being introduced because they were worried about their reliability. Satpal was the first photographer in Ontario to shoot an entire wedding with a digital camera (Fujifilm FinePix Pro on 512mb IBM Micro drives.)
  • Satpal was awarded Kodak Gallery Award for “Pakistani Bride” which was displayed in Orlando, Florida; this image is still hanging on our evolution wall today.
  • WOW, Satpal was Awarded Craftsman of Photographic Arts and is now only two prints shy of becoming a Masters in Photography.
  • During this time period Satpal decided to take his talents elsewhere and began his new venture, Eye View Windows & Doors; Banga Portrait Studio went on a two year hiatus. Gurminder, Manny & Simmi would use the studio as a space to study for their undergraduate exams.
  • Satpal passes down his company and legacy to his son Gurminder, who now attempts to revolutionize the business.
  • Banga Portrait Studio is re-invented with an up to date website, logo and marketing materials to capture client’s special moments.
  • The team consists of five photographers who work hard towards their vision of becoming a boutique photography firm. During this time they get the opportunity to make some great friends along the way! They have been commissioned to shoot events all over the Canada, US, Mexico & Caribbean Islands!
  • Banga Photography introduces their sister company, bangAbooth, and revamps their studio to compliment their unconventional style.
  • Banga Studios (name change) enters their first photo contest and get published for first place in PDN magazine. The studio under goes a re-branding effort to establish an International Brand to help attract commercial clients and retain their existing wedding couples that seek remarkable artwork.
  • Banga Studios is nominated as one of the Top 5 Photographers in Toronto by BrideBox and wins a Fearless Photographers Award. The studio begins their trainee and mentorship program, which helps cultivate and inspire individuals.
  • The Banga Studios Visual Storytellers turn their passions into projects and develop stunning results. Between exploring new subject matter and new photography styles, this was a time of real growth and development for team, both as a group and as individual artists.
  • Banga Studios is absolutely honoured and humbled to featured on both Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. The exposure helps to bring the name “Banga Studios” and our story to more and more people
  • Funded by the Government of Canada, Banga Studios launches a new initiative called “Mind, Body, & Soul”. Many South Asian baby boomers gave up a lifetime of social network to immigrate to Canada for a better life for their children. It’s THEIR turn to now understand what a better life means outside of their current hobbies: work and kids. The program works to offer a variety of activities and new skill development, while maintaining a social and encouraging atmosphere.


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  • Our Culture

    Here at Banga Studios, it really is the people who make the company what it is. We hire people who are passionate, people who really enjoy sharing their knowledge and are determined to continue to learn themselves. Through weekly workshops, we experiment and try to learn new techniques as well as collaborate as a team to discuss ideas. Banga Studios has developed a fundamental approach to visual talent, carving a path to becoming an industry leader in Storytelling. Each one of our journeys begins with a camera in hand and a fuelling passion to capture real moments, and timeless memories. Our team of Visual Storytellers are connected with the power to tell your story through our lenses. Though we come from different walks of life and we gain inspirations from our individual interests, we come together share a common goal and vision for Banga Studios.
    Banga Studios

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