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Preet & Komil

Category: Weddings

Nothing says a wedding and a party like dancing! And in all the years of doing wedding photography, we have never seen anyone that loves to dance quite like Preet and Komil. So we had Gagan, George, Reet, and Viran load up with some photography gear and their dancing shoes for a wedding like no other.

Preet and Komil met during their undergrad at University of Waterloo (where Viran is currently a student!) and they both discovered their love of dancing. From there, they’ve been the perfect duo, constantly in motion and dancing their way through life. We brought them back to their alma mater for their fabulous engagement shoot to bring their story back to where it all began…

The wedding day itself was of course filled with music and dancing! From a well-planned entrance dance to a choreographed slow dance, and even some hip-hop dancers as the entertainment, we loved how they incorporated something they loved into the most romantic and equally special day of their lives. Like Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the language of the soul.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Of course, Preet and Komil are more than just amazing dancers. They are so incredibly outgoing and social and are surrounded by so much love from their friends and family. Viran told us, “It was amazing to see the support and love in their eyes as they saw Preet and Komil entering a new phase in their lives.” The special day matched their personalities perfectly: full of life, and colourful and vibrant, yet classy and elegant.

Preet and Komil, you were an absolute dream to work with and we had so much fun dancing the night away! From Gagan, George, Reet, Viran, and the rest of the Banga Studios team, we want to wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and many more dances.

Where to next? You’ll have to follow us to find out…

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