Our key objective in this entire process is to bring out the personalities in your relationship. Oh yes, and of course get some killer shots in the process!

In order to create your story we need to get to know you individually and as a couple to find out what is really unique about the two of you and why you are meant to be.

Even if you are not able to do the engagement session please fill out the rest of the document to help us plan for your big day.


Getting to Know You-As a Couple

1. Describe your proposal. Feel free to be descriptive; we love details!

2. List 5 words that best describe you both.

4. Describe your perfect outing?

Getting to Know You-As a Couple

5. What do both of you do for a living? If you could choose any other career in the world what would it be?

6. What were your hobbies and interests growing up?

7. What is your favourite thing to do as a couple?


1. What are your top 3 expectations for your wedding photography experience? : Some examples include: Want to have fun, great customer service, want lots of family pictures, want editorial shots, want lots of romantic pictures etc.

2. What are the most important things you want captured in your wedding pictures? (i.e. the couple, the guests, immediate family members, candid moments, wedding décor, siblings & friends/bridal party)

3. When you see your pictures for the first time what words would you want to use to describe them?

(Please check off the appropriate boxes)


This is where you get to answer on behalf of your partner.

A collector of anything?
Have any special talents/interests?
Use 5 words to describe your partner.
What do they do to make you laugh?
What is your favourite memory with them?
What is your biggest pet peeve about them?


We ask that you email us 15-20 inspirational images that represent your personality and style. Please send them in a zip file to ([email protected]). These images may contain colours, typography, locations, movie clips, outfits, specific items and/or any other details you find meaningful. Please also include the following:

  • 1. Favourite picture together
  • 2. Meaningful items
  • 3. Picture of your dream home, dream kitchen, dream backyard
  • 4. How you would design your bedroom (or a current picture of your room)

To help find inspiration try searching the web for non-wedding related images some terms include editorial, fashion and commercial photography.


Please check mark 6 of your favourite images from below. Take into consideration colour, mood, creativity, lighting, locations and theme. Try to look past the outfits & people. This will help give us a better idea with your preference for type of shoot and editing style.


If you already have some of your shoot planned out we’d love to hear your ideas!

Any other information/ideas related to your e-shoot?

What Makes a Kick Ass Shoot

Collaboration: We are a team and need to work together

Planning: Please do not wait until the last minute to plan your engagement shoot! We want this shoot to be the best one we’ve ever done & we can only reach our full potential with your help

Outfits: Bring your swag game! Buy & return your clothes if necessary!

Hair & Make-Up: Guys make sure you wear lots of blush. No seriously ladies, we highly suggest that you get your hair & make-up done professionally. We can also recommend a few talented artists if needed!

Be Yourself: No need to be shy we are all family

Bring an Entourage: They help with any of the heavy lifting and comic relief

Next Steps

We require this document to be submitted to us within two weeks of becoming apart of the team.

Once we've received the document it'll take us 2-3 weeks to create an inspiration board and our recommendations to help you further prepare for your shoot. Please see attached below for some inspiration boards we've created and how the vision reflected the actual photoshoot. (flosites please attach images of inspiration boards here)

We recommend setting a time to discuss potential ideas for your shoot once you've received your inspiration boards to discuss the theme, location, props & outfits.