Raj & Hamreen


For all movie aficionados and film geeks out there, here is a shoot for you – a shoot that any director, cinematographer, or anyone that’s sat inside a theatre will love.

When it came to Raj and Hamreen’s shoot, it was lights, camera, action the entire time. To capture their love together from start to finish would make for a cinematic masterpiece itself – after connecting on Dilmil, they first met each other while Hamreen was taking a film course in LA.

With Hamreen living in Toronto and Raj residing in Utah, they meet up in a new state each time they see each other, reeling towards an end goal to visit every state together.
With a tale so simple and yet so wonderful, we felt that the only way to capture their cinematic relationship was with a shoot just as picturesque.

Collaboration between Hamreen and our team led to a vision created and eventually a vision met and done with great justice – just like an Oscar-worthy cast and crew. Karm emphasized Hamreen’s creativity and outgoing personality as playing a key role in this – and on a side note, they go way back! Twists and turns are abound in this story.

We utilized our equipment to simulate a movie set, which not only achieved what Raj and Hamreen wanted, but helped us realize how a simple concept could go a long way – and how low budgets don’t equal poor results.

Thanks to Raj and Hamreen for being dreams to work with – the future is bright for them, and we know that they’re destined to be a red carpet couple.

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