Simar & Navjot

United States

Q: What’s the best part about being wedding photographers?
A: The fact that we get to work on engagement shoots as well!

We love seeing a couple getting ready to take the next step in their lives and in their relationship. What’s even better is that we get to make it all about THEM! That was exactly the case not once, but twice with Simar and Navjot’s two-part e-shoot with Karm, Reet, Gagan, and George!

Simar and Navjot have that type of love and bond that makes you think anything is possible. From the way these two look at each other to the way that they are so natural together on camera, we were able to get such amazing shots of these two lovebirds that felt so organic and so genuinely them.

For the first part of their shoot with Reet and Karm, we went for a very Punjabi-style shoot in Bolton, Ontario (near Navjot’s hometown of Brampton) to really pay homage to their heritage. When they came to us with this traditional-inspired concept, we wanted to help them discover their past, present, and future. And through the look in their eyes, you can see that’s exactly what they’re looking at! hat we love especially is the modernity that they brought to it; seeing how they brought the Punjab culture of today into the shoot gave it that extra little flare.

When it came to the second part of their shoot with Gagan and George, we wanted to incorporate the other love of Simar’s life: Batman! In fact, he loves Batman so much that even their wedding continued with the Batman theme! We went with the happy couple to a cave in Baltimore, Maryland – Simar’s home state – and let them experience their very own “Bat Cave”! Being a nature-lover herself, it was a perfect match for Navjot as well. We loved the more cool and sophisticated side of them in this part of the shoot, and what’s better than being so beautifully natural with someone amongst the beautiful nature?

We are so incredibly excited with the way both engagement shoots turned out, and having the two together really showed all parts of this amazing couple. From Reet, Karm, Gagan, George, and everyone at Banga Studios, we want to wish Simar and Navjot a lifetime of love and many more memories to come!

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