1. DO: Wear Something That Best Describes Who You Are
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Your wedding and your marriage are unique to the two of you, so why should your engagement shoot be any different? This is one of your first official portraits together as Mr. and Mrs. and should speak to who you are individually and who you are together!
2. DON’T: Forget the Small Details
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If there were ever a time to pamper yourself, it’s now! Be sure to remember your hair, your nails, and the jewellery. It can be a great way to give your look that little extra something!
3. DO: Talk to Your Photographer
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As photographers, we want to try to capture something intimate and personal between the two of you, so everybody should be open and frank to get everyone on the same page. If there’s something that you want to highlight, or maybe something that has you feeling a little self-conscious, let us know so that we can work around it and still get that amazing shot. Don’t be shy!
4. DON’T: Forget to Coordinate
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The reason you two found each other in the first place is because you compliment each other so well! Be sure to coordinate your outfits so that you two are going for the same theme or vibe. You don’t have to match your outfits, but one person shouldn’t be coming in a ballgown and the other in jeans and a t-shirt!
5. DO: Wear Something Comfortable
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You never know where inspiration will strike! Maybe you’ll run and jump into each other’s arms, or maybe you’ll want to splash around in the water. Whatever it may be, you don’t want to be limited by what you’re wearing. Just be cool and comfortable!
6. DON’T: Worry About What Other People Think
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Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” This is the time where you prepare for your next chapter. No one gets to write it but you. Plus you’ve already found that one person who loves the way you think and express yourself, so what should it matter what anyone else thinks?!

Top 6 in the 6ix – What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot

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Your engagement is such an exciting time! There’s so much love coming from your friends and family, so much to celebrate, and of course, a wedding to be planned! We love when couples come to us to help capture their engagement shoots and create something incredibly magical and full of promise – just like them. We’ve seen our fair share of lovebirds and each have had their own style and flair. Many couples have asked our opinion on what is right and wrong to wear, so we’ve put together our Top 6 in the 6ix: What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot…

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