Roseann's Story | I was born in Quebec however for the majority of my life I lived in the United States where I met the love of her life. My boyfriend was in the army at the time and one day he was shipped off to war. After months of distance, I was in my house when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs; in that moment I knew it was my boyfriend, just through the sound of his steps and that’s when I knew he was the one. After that we didn’t waste any more time and got married. Shortly after we had we had our first child together and then four more children to follow, each two years apart. My reasoning for this is so the previous child was off diapers and bottles before the next child was born, made things a touch easier. Now I have ten beautiful grandchildren but I haven’t had the chance to meet them yet. My son still comes to visit me at the retirement home where he impersonates Elvis and everyone has a hoot! Advice to the young... If you have a job, keep the damn thing! If you don’t keep it, you are going to be piss poor. Get an education! Don’t get married too young. First get an education, get a good job, work for a year or two and then get married. Only have one child. It’s expensive. You have to think of the future; the future is real bad.
Jean's Story | I had five sisters and we were all very close! I also have two daughters and now fourteen lovely grandchildren. What makes you smile? Everything makes me smile. I am not a very serious person! Advice for the young... Behave yourselves!
Henrietta & Roseann's Story | Henrietta’s is my older sister and my memories of Henrietta are of her always being at work because she started when she 15. At the home we do not really spend much time together because we both of have our own friends and tend to stay out of each other’s way. Recently we went to visit our three sisters in the States a couple of weeks ago where we cut an ice cream cake for Henrietta’s birthday!
Joyce Morris | Children & babies make me smile Advice for the young... Be the best that you can be!
Jim's Story | When I was overseas in Koera, I was a medic and I saved people and soldiers. I also treated sailors on the frontlines. A long with being a medic I also fought in the Korean War; I was in the Army Air Bourne where I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. What makes you smile? Being Stupid! Advice for the young... Go to school. Stay in school. We have got enough stupid people walking around. Respect elders. I learnt that one from serving in the army!
How Jim would prepare before he would jump out of a plane
When I was a child, my father was a train conductor in Moncton Ontario and my mother and I went to visit him on the trains all the time. There was a booth in the back and I always went upstairs and enjoyed looking out the window. One time I saw a river and I started to throw potatoes out of the window for fun! Later on everyone was looking for the potatoes and didn’t know where they went!
Donald's Story | My father and grandfather were both in the army and when I was seventeen years old, I enlisted as well. I was there for four years and when I came back I became an electrician. Now I have a great great grandson but I haven’t have the chance to meet him yet but my daughter comes to see me every Friday and we go out to shop and eat dinner.
My sister and myself grew up in Toronto by Lansdowne and St. Clair near the old stockyards but I was born in a house at Yonge and Bloor. All the houses down there are gone now but my house is still there! It’s converted into a coffee shop now. I started working when I was just 13 years old as a delivery boy, then I started to work in a factory and finally I became a bartender. At that time Toronto had no congestion at all, there was very less traffic, not many buildings and many more places to play outside. I actually watched the construction of the CN tower. It was a flat ground and every time you went by it, it was grow higher & higher. I didn’t think it was every going to stop! I have a daughter, grandchildren and now two great grandchildren. Advice for the young... Live a clean life Be helpful to people No drugs and no alcohol
I was born and raised in Scotland and was the youngest of seven children. I actually grew up through out the Second World War! When I was sixteen I worked as a secretary in Glasgow, Scotland until I was around nineteen and a half. After that when I turned twenty, I moved to Illinois, USA to live with my mother’s older sister. My aunt always wanted someone in the family to come to live in the states but she actually wanted my older sister to come. I kept that in my mind throughout school. For a while I thought I should go to Canada for a couple years and when I did, I came by the Empress of Canada, which was a ship! That was in December of 1952 and I was supposed to dock in Montreal, Quebec on the 23rd of December but because the sea was really rough we didn’t dock it until January 1st…in St. John’s, New Brunswick! From there I took a train to Montreal. I was only supposed to be there for a couple years but I then met a boy and in 1955 we got married and settled in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We have six children together, two girls and four boys. What makes you smile? Music makes me smile – light classical Advice to for the young... Travel a little and see a bit of the world while you are still young, strong and healthy. Before you miss the opportunity.
Norma & Joseph LaHaye | We have been married for fourteen years and we met in Niagara Falls. It wasn’t love at first sight because we weren’t looking but when I looked his way, we found each other. I have five children and I inherited all of them from Joseph.
Evelyn Kent's advice for the young... Enjoy yourself while you can.
"I was born in Winnipeg but I grew up in England and eventually I came back to Canada. I have two children who both live in England." -Irene
Can you believe Irene Luke is 92 years old?
Nellie Miller | My happiest memories were with my husband and we were married for fifty-two years. He was a workaholic! We had a friend from Arizona that would come over and stay for the weekend and he would go back to his retirement home and tell people that he has never met people like us anywhere. He would talk about my husband and tell people that before my husband went to work he would kiss me goodbye and then leave. But he’d always forget something, come back in and kiss his me goodbye again!
Advice for the young... Enjoy life to the fullest cause you get old soon
Martha | I love to oil paint.

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Through our lives we learn different things, meet new people, experience happiness flow through our bodies and feel sadness touch our hearts; we are constantly growing, maturing and aging. With the process of life we often worry about what the future holds for us and we end up forgetting to live in the present; we let many moments that should have been cherished slip through our fingers.

On March 28th my team and myself journeyed to the great falls to visit a few charming people at the River Road retirement home. The wonderful senior citizens here gave the youth of today advice that will remain forever golden and they relived their lives as they sat us down and shared their stories. In the photographs that were taken while we were there, we tried to capture how full of live they are and that sense of childlike innocence that has and will forever live in them; it was just a matter of them giving the chance to revive old memories and experiencing them once again.

As we sat and listened to their infinite wisdom and the many adventures they all have been through, we learned how happy they are to have experienced everything they have been through, struggles and all. They taught us to appreciate all that we have and work hard for what we want; to keep that child inside of you alive and that sometimes it is not the destination but the journey.

Thank you to everyone at the River Road retirement home for welcoming my team and I to your home and allowing us to take pictures of you and for sharing your delightful stories. And of course I want to thank my team, Gurpreet, Gagan and Simrin for their help with taking notes, helping with the lighting set ups and sharing this experience with me.

Gurminder Banga

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