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Zagros & Kiran

Category: Weddings

Being in the wedding photography business, we see many beautiful brides and grooms and all types of stories. But every now and then, we see a couple that brings out the best in each other – things within themselves that they never even knew were there! That’s exactly what happened at Zagros and Kiran’s wedding. Luckily for us, we had GB, Reet, Viran and Gagan there to help tell their story…

What we love about Zagros and Kiran is that there are so many sides to them! Zagros hails from right here in Toronto and Kiran is a BC-native, giving them the perfect blend of nature and big city. Whether they’re outdoors hiking the trail or getting dolled up for a night on the town, so long as they’re together these two always have a blast. Even when it came to their photos, there were so many layers. While they were aiming for something serious and sensual, these two were constantly making each other crack up in a way that no one else can!

Now of course, as wedding photographers, one of our favourite parts of the celebration is the way that family is incorporated into the festivities! After all, on the day that is for coming together with your soulmate, who better to surround you than those who taught you how to love your whole life? And the families fit together so well! We loved the fact that Zagros’s mom is Persian and she still speaks Punjab! Speaking of moms, Kiran’s mom gave her new son-in-law a kara, a bracelet that represents one of the five symbols of Sikhism, and he loved it so much that he refused to take it off! “It’s so cool!” he kept saying.

Out of everything, we love when the bride and groom’s childhoods are such a big part of the day. The reception took place on Zagros’s family property, a stunning 1800’s mansion that was both an homage to his past and a look forward into their future together.

These two are such easy-going people who make it so easy to do what we do. The team kept beaming about the fact that it felt more like old friends hanging out than a day on the job! Zagros and Kiran – from GB, Reet, Viran, Gagan, and the rest of the Banga Studios family, we want to wish you a lifetime of many more laughs, many more dances, and of course, many more beautiful memories!

Where to next? You’ll have to follow us to find out…

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