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Kartik & Faina

United States
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Here at Banga Studios, we strive to help you tell your story, marking the journey you have taken thus far and paving the way for the journey that is yet to come. We believe that one of the most important chapters in your life’s story is the one that you write with someone else – the story of love, commitment, and dedication to another person and the path to creating the best version of yourself. We saw that chapter being written when we met Kartik and Faina for their engagement shoot in the romantic city of New York!

New York City has been the backdrop for some of the most romantic love stories of all time: Ross and Rachel, Harry and Sally, and now Kartik and Faina. We wanted to help in writing their journey to marriage and a life together to be all about them, so we brought it back to where it all began: the bridge in Central Park where Kartik proposed.

Kartik and Faina will be more than just husband and wife; they are and will forever be best friends. You could see in the way that they spoke, in the way that they looked into each other’s eyes, and the way that they genuinely just loved being with one another that they had both found their soulmate.

GB and Steve loved how open and “go-with-the-flow” this couple was. Faina was so versatile in her looks and her poses, and they both were willing to go that extra mile for the shot. We even got them to model on the edge of the building , and got Faina to carry Kartik on her back! They really helped us get into the zone and made us feel part of their something that was astoundingly special.

Congratulations to Kartik and Faina from everyone at the Banga Studios family!

Where to next? You’ll have to follow us to find out!

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