Back to School at Banga Studios!

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We love back-to-school time! Even if you’re no longer in school, it’s the perfect chance to think back on how far you’ve come on whatever path you are on, making new goals to set for yourself and think about the next chapter of the story you want to tell. We here at Banga Studios don’t just look at ourselves as artists and storytellers, but students who always have more to learn, both in terms of our craft and the world around us. With this special time of the year, we decided to ask the members of the Banga Studios team what they have learned and what their next steps are…

“I’ve begun to understand how to light subjects and I’m playing with. How to be more creative with brides who have different comfort levels when it comes to their body positivity – that’s what I want to learn.”
~George Kavuma, Visual Storyteller

“I think in general, I’d like to learn how to balance work with free time. Ive been over working myself alot that when I have a day off I barely have time for my personal projects, and spend the entire day stressed out. As for things I’ve learned, I think the most important thing is to make time for yourself. Even if it’s drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and reading the newspaper, or playing piano, or calling your friends on your drive home to gossip about the bachelor. Make time everyday to do something that is just for you.”
~Jenn Wice, Visual Storyteller

“I want to learn a more complex lighting setup. I’ve seen it done here and there, but I want to be at the lead of it for a really dramatic look. Things I have learned are making the simplest space look pretty awesome and not at all what it does when you’re in the actual space – what the viewer sees versus what we see.”
~Karm Chohan, Visual Storyteller

“The biggest thing I learned this year is that when shooting to capture moments, you really have to wait. Out of five shots trying to get the right moment, I end up with only one shoot for the reactions or facial expressions to really make me feel what the image is capturing. Really waiting those extra 10 seconds to capture that moment is totally worth it. I really want to learn to shoot flawless images in the rain – without worrying about gear getting wet. We see all these cool shoots outdoors online and it’s what we do all day everyday with our lighting and poses, but in the rain. I guess it’s all risk but just taking that risk at the end of the day and knowing how to protect our stuff.”
~Gagan Banga, Visual Storyteller

“I learned that waking up early will really give your day a fresh routine, more time to get ready for the day and well more time in the day to do stuff. What do I want to learn? How to wake up early!”
~Simrin Dhillon, Studio Manager

“Something that I’ve learned is more about the Sikh and Hindu traditions. Coming from a completely different background, it’s been such an amazing experience learning a new culture! In terms of what I want to learn is probably when to hang up the towel for the day – I tend to get very invested in what I’m doing and don’t realize that it’s dinner time!”
~Gabi Sandler, Social Developer

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