What photography services are offered at BabiesbyBanga?

Our lifestyle sessions include everything from maternity, to newborn, to family sessions, even birthday parties to celebrate your family's steps together.

Do you offer photographs sets and backdrops photographs?

The goal at BabiesbyBanga is to create a lifestyle session as unique as your family and your stories. Through our questionnaire and creative consultation, we will brainstorm some amazing ideas to create beautiful artwork that are more candid and creative. That being said, we do still offer traditional yet modern portraits.

Can we still do posed pictures if you are shooting lifestyle images?

Lifestyle sessions are more about candid photography and less about adhering to rules and a shot list. We love to keep our images fun, to feel more raw and natural emotion that are completely “you”. But we’d be happy to add in a few posed shots into the mix!

Where will the photos be taken?

The majority of our photos will be taken on location (at your home, outdoors or another indoor location,) which changes depending on our customized themes. This is something we will be brainstorming together during our planning session.

When is the best time to book by newborn photos?

The best time to book a newborn session is before the baby arrives of course 😄 We recommend doing the photos within two weeks of your precious bundle joining the family. In our experience, after two weeks, the baby becomes more aware of their surroundings, making it more difficult to position when they are fast asleep. If the baby is born earlier than expected, our dates are flexible and we can change upon availability.

Do you provide the props? What kind of props do you have?

We can provide a small selection of props such as wicker baskets, fall leaves, blankets, tricycle...however to keep the images unique, we recommend that any specific props are provided by the parents.

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by giving us an email through our contact page and someone will be happy to email you back with all the information needed to get your creative process started!

Phone number: +1 416-749-8480
Email address: [email protected]