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Jagtar & Komal

We absolutely love when couples will go to the end of the earth for their forever person and believe that no force is strong enough to overcome love! We also love when a couple will go to any length for a shoot to show the rest of the world their undying love and are willing to commit to the shot as much as they commit to each other. That’s exactly what Jagtar and Komal did in their amazing engagement shoot amongst the breathtaking views of Tobermory, Ontario. We sent Banga artists, Gagan and Simrin, to join in on the action help these love birds soar to even greater heights.

Jagtar and Komal have this really natural and authentic vibe to them where you know they are being their absolute truest selves when they’re together. Being in their presence was knowing you were in the presence of true love and such genuine emotion. Even while being surrounded by the gorgeous water and fairytale-like forests, watching Jagtar and Komal together was definitely one of the most amazing sites of the day. Simrin was in absolute awe! She told us, “At one point when we randomly stopped and posed them in the forest on a path, they were standing face to face noses touching super quiet. A couple didn’t see myself or Gagan taking pictures, and then when they did see us they started laughing and said they thought that the bride and groom were just having a strange moment in the forest just standing in the middle touching each others noses.”

These two just have this amazing ability to make everyone around them smile. Gagan and Simrin told the rest of the Banga Studios artists that they couldn’t help but feel happy around Jagtar and Komal and even us fellow artists started to beam when we first saw the amazing shots. Despite climbing up cliffs, making their way through a forest, and enduring a million mosquito bites, these two were always so joyful. We are so lucky that their journey took them to new heights and that we were able to come along for the ride.

From Gagan, Simrin, and the rest of the Banga Studios family, we want to wish Jagtar and Komal a huge congratulations on their upcoming wedding this weekend! We know that your wedding and your marriage will be as special and unique as your story so far.

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