1. Casa Loma
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Right in the heart of this buzzing metropolis lies a beautiful oasis that is as romantic as it is serene. This gothic-revival-style mansion offers a unique flair of mystery and sophistication, with stunning grounds, exquisite architecture, and a sense of history. Whether it’s the Grand Hall, the Library, or the Conservatory, Casa Loma has something for every bride and groom-to-be.
2. Knox College
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University of Toronto proudly boasts many gorgeous buildings all over town, yet Knox College is probably our personal favourite! The neo-gothic architecture serves as a reminder of the history of our rather young city, offering a sense of class and finesse that brings out something special in anyone who explores the grounds.
3. Royal Ambassador
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Royal Ambassador is as regal as it sounds. With quaint gazebos, an abundance of gardens and flowers, and grand ballrooms, this venue is the perfect spot for anyone looking to get married in Toronto with a feeling of romance and serenity. And with 55 acres of land, you can ride into the sunset to start the next chapter of your story.
4. Guild Inn Estate
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Situated on the east end of Toronto, right on the water of the world famous Lake Ontario, Guild Inn is a manor, turned hotel, turned artist colony, turned stunning wedding venue. Surrounded by the Guild Park and Gardens, the grounds are filled with city history, with ruins from the old Toronto Star building and the original Granite Club. Take the next steps forward surrounded by this city’s beautiful past, with nature and beauty all around you.
5. Dundurn Castle
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On the opposite end, just west of the city lies a hidden gem with incredible elegance and charm. Hamilton is home to the waterfall capital of Canada, an array of gardens, and Dundurn Castle, a National Historic Site of Canada, making the drive west along the water the perfect journey in your story. Known to have entertained Sir John A. MacDonald and King Edward VII, the grounds seep high society and royalty and are the perfect spot for a fairytale.
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The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is an exquisite combination of culture, religion, and magnificence. For the brides and grooms with a fairytale in mind that may not fit the norm, this beautiful Hindu Mandir has something for everyone of all backgrounds and beliefs. Come explore the intricate details, the sense of unity, and the spirituality that takes you over as you explore this breathtaking site.

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Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairytale. And what better day to feel like a king and queen than on your wedding day?! After all, your wedding day should be like a dream come true. As wedding photographers, we’ve seen many storybook romances come to life; being in the Toronto wedding photography world, we know all of the best spots in the city to live out your happily ever after.

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