1. Evergreen Brickworks
Evergreen Brickworks is the epitome of old-meets-new. An old brick factory that has turned into a wildlife and ecological centre, Brickworks is a staple to the city's past and thriving present. Many couples choose to host their wedding, shoot their engagement shoot, or just take a stroll around the antique heritage sites that open up into a gorgeous park that is a piece of tranquility before the hustle and bustle of Toronto's downtown core. We love the diversity in the shots that we can get and the instant light in people's eyes they get as they pull into the lot.
2. Knox College
While University of Toronto proudly boasts many gorgeous buildings all over town, Knox College is probably our favourite! The neo-gothic architecture serves as a reminder of the history of our rather young city, offering a sense of class and mystery that brings out the sophistication and academic in anyone. The towering columns and grandiose nature of the landscape allow us to create illusion and a feeling of depth to any photo.
3. Yonge-Dundas Square
Even though Yonge and Dundas is the busiest intersection in T-Dot, when you're there with that special someone, it makes you feel like you're the only two people in the world and that nothing else really matters. This viby spot creates the perfect dramatic, yet simple shot that is almost like a scene out of a movie. It's the heart-and-soul of the city and in the heart-and-soul of any true Torontonian.
4. Scarborough Bluffs
We love long walks on the beach, too! For a really romantic and calming shoot, check out the bluffs. With a stunning view of Lake Ontario that seems to go on forever, this is the perfect place to capture your never-ending love and the amazing adventure that is life and love. With lots of great parks and sites around, we love heading out to the east-end and exploring the natural beauty that T.O. has to offer.
5. High Park
This is probably one of the most common spot for wedding and engagement photos in Toronto, and we can see why! With its stunning gardens, beautiful fountains, and world famous cherry blossoms, the possibilities are ENDLESS with a shoot in High Park. We love that even though the grounds may be open and vast, there is a sense of home and comfort from the time that you enter to the time that you leave.
6. Graffiti Lanes
As artists, we love all forms of creative expression - and Toronto is FULL of unbelievable artwork. Thanks to the many talented people all over the city, T.O. is its own art exhibit and installation. We love finding little pockets of colour and vibrancy that reflect the people that we meet and we're always happy to help fellow visual storytellers.

Top 6 in the 6ix – Shoot Locations

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Being Toronto-based wedding photographers, we are so lucky to shoot not only in the city with the most diverse people, but also a city that is as equally vast and beautiful! Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to explore T-dot through our lenses and through the eyes of the amazing people we have come across, and we have put together our Top 6 in the 6ix Shooting Locations:

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